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B Is For Bonding With Your Cat

Bonding with your cat — let me count the ways!square-personal2

First, there is food. If you want your cat to become chummy with a new member of the household, ask the new person to feed the cat. A cat is always more amenable to someone who has food and shares it with them.

Second, let your cat sleep with you. I know, I know, all that cat fur up close to your face at night is enough to make you sneeze, but trust me, it is easier to sleep with the cat IN your room than outside of your room, banging and scratching on the door all night. Take an antihistamine before bed. Read more ways to bond:

About Beverly J. Harvey

Obviously, I love cats. Twelve cats have kept me company over the years. I have worked with cat foster groups and animal shelters. Anything I can do to raise the consciousness of people regarding cats I will do. I like to educate people about "cat society" and how to better understand our feline friends. Mostly, I just like to talk about cats! HOWEVER, recently we had the addition of a dog to our furry family. Some posts include his observation on life.

One comment on “B Is For Bonding With Your Cat

  1. Ruth
    January 23, 2014

    My family gave me the Crazy Cat Lady Game for Christmas. I haven’t played it but I used to have four cats.

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