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T is for the Tavira Vase

The Tavira Vase

The Tavira Vase

Now this may not be what you’re expecting, but I’m well aware that I’ve filled pages with the delights of Tavira, in Portugal’s Eastern Algarve.  So I thought I’d dedicate my “T” post to something I find quite intriguing- the Tavira Vase.

I made this discovery in the recently opened Museum of Islamic Art.  Click here to find out its history and see more of the contents of the museum.

About restlessjo

Hi! I’m Jo! Johanna when I’m feeling posh, Jan to my Dad, and Joasiu to my Polish family. A bit of a mix-up, that’s me. The one constant, however, is my restless nature. I love to travel and to explore our world. It doesn’t have to be the big wide world. I can be ridiculously happy not too far from home, so long as I’m seeking new horizons. Of course I have a wish list, and it was to help me fulfil my dreams that I started to write travel guides for a venture called Simonseeks. I’d always kept a travel diary, and it was hugely satisfying to share my experiences and to make new friends who shared my passion for travel. Alas, Simonseeks hit a few troubles, but I still find myself writing about my travels. I’ve become addicted. I’d love to share them, and to make more friends. So, it has to be a blog- right? Or do I mean- write?

2 comments on “T is for the Tavira Vase

  1. Valentina
    March 7, 2013

    Johanna what was the use of this vase?

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