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S is for Semana Santa

My first Easter week here I was working on the beach as a scuba diving instructor and the owner of the dive school told me that there would be no diving from the Thursday to the Sunday of Semana Santa, nor boats in the water. I assumed that it was because the Dominican Republic is a Catholic country and every one would be at church. How wrong I was.  The reason that no boats are allowed in the water is because there is no room for them. To read more or leave a comment go here.

About Julie Dawn Fox

I'm Julie, a British expat in Portugal with a passion for travel, writing and photography. My blog, Julie Dawn Fox in Portugal, is a way of sharing what I learn about the food, art, culture and unusual highlights of Portugal. You'll find honest opinions, helpful tips and ideas for travelling and living in Portugal. If you need a native English speaker to help you create or translate content for your website, articles or other documents, please email me or visit

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This entry was posted on April 22, 2012 by in Dominican Republic, S is for....

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