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My Portugal from A to Z: A to C

I was reading a couple of blogs recently that are covering Portugal by the alphabet.  What a terrific idea from Julie Dawn Fox in Portugal’s blog! I’ve decided to start my own listing and join the fun.

Today, I’ll cover A to C.

A=Algarve. It’s the southernmost region of the country. The first time I remember travelling to the Algarve, I was a young teenager. There are a number of lasting memories from that trip: the pastry shop with all the little fruit-shaped marizipan confections; crystal blue waters….

Want to read more? Read the rest and comment over here.

About Julie Dawn Fox

I'm Julie, a British expat in Portugal with a passion for travel, writing and photography. My blog, Julie Dawn Fox in Portugal, is a way of sharing what I learn about the food, art, culture and unusual highlights of Portugal. You'll find honest opinions, helpful tips and ideas for travelling and living in Portugal. If you need a native English speaker to help you create or translate content for your website, articles or other documents, please email me or visit

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